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White Collar Criminal Defense

When it comes to criminal defense, litigation experience matters. Our team at Behr McCarter includes attorneys that served in senior positions within the Department of Justice and Department of Defense with experience in handling matters from investigation through trial. Our lawyers understand governmental entities and investigations and also know first-hand how those investigations are supposed to be conducted. 

When you are faced with the possibility of criminal proceedings, working with attorneys that have received the same training as those that are conducting the prosecution and investigation is invaluable. Our team is led by Joe Neely, who, prior to joining the firm, investigated and prosecuted 40 cases alleging negligent homicide, sexual assault, larceny, and drug abuse including eight facing felony level charges and 32 with misdemeanor charges. He also defended 92 clients, including ten at the felony level, involving federal charges of involuntary manslaughter, sexual assault, fraud against the United States, graft, larceny, aggravated assault, drug use/possession/distribution, obstruction of justice, and conspiracy. Aside from his litigation experience, Joe also served in the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent investigating violations of counterterrorism laws and was a member of the FBI’s specialized evidence collection unit – Evidence Response Team.  

The ability to challenge every aspect of an investigation with first-hand knowledge of a former federal investigator is invaluable. Our team prides itself in picking apart the prosecution’s case to get the best results for our clients. 

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