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Office Administrator

Lorra Goodman

Lorra joined the Firm in May 2002 and became the Firm’s Office Administrator in 2004. Lorra is responsible for managing the Firm’s Human Resources and Benefits. In addition, Lorra handles all in-house accounting matters and maintains the day-to-day office administration of the Firm. Lorra oversees the Firm’s staff and strives to make work enjoyable. She encourages the staff to work with the attorneys in an effort to do what the Firm does best – provide A+ legal services for its client.

Lorra and her husband, Dan, live on a farm where they raise chickens and cows. She is the proud Mom of two adult children – a son and a daughter – and loves spending time with her two grandsons. Lorra also enjoys riding motorcycles.

You can contact Lorra at (314) 862-3800 ext 236 or at

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